sábado, 18 de julio de 2009

USA supports coup d'état in the Central American country

By Cesar Reyna

When the super condemned the coup d'état in the Central American country some three weeks ago, including myself, assume they had nothing to do with its preparation. Over the days I reiterate my position, but things have changed substantially. At first I thought that United States to threaten tough sanctions after the breakdown of democracy. Also, I felt good that the deposed Honduran president will sit down to talk with emissaries of the autocrat Roberto Micheletti benign under the mediation of the Costa Rican President Óscar Arias. If Manuel Zelaya returned to a peaceful and under certain conditions (such as giving up the controversial referendum) was worth a try. This alternative could have worked, provided that United States would have to pressure the coup. However, the reality is that Washington has decided to propose to back out of Micheletti in exchange for Zelaya renounce its aspirations.

The measure appears Solomonic but it's not as if no Zelaya returned to break the constitutional power would be enshrined in Honduras, setting a dangerous precedent for the rest of the region. What happens in Honduras appears to be a model or test devised by the right-Latin American complicity with the State Department, to overthrow governments that oppose the policies of market (neoliberal).

The argument of the United States coup and to propose that treatment would be unacceptable to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. So right Honduran save the country or rather the system of interference Chavist and defenestrated Zelaya receive a pardon in exile. The proposal should not be accepted if the situation becomes even more polarized. An important sector of Honduran society would be betrayed if Zelaya came to consent to that agreement.

The negotiations in Costa Rica have only served to cool the putschists the spirits of supporters of Zelaya. The de facto government would never allow the return because it has not received pressure from the Americans, who ultimately could correct the tragic course of events. The delay only serves to the right as soon Honduran call new elections to clear any negative impact of the coup.

Things seem a consummate but incubated anti-sense that sooner or later end to defeat the minority entrenched in power. Most Hondurans are poor and depend heavily on foreign assistance and government. The social base has now been off since Zelaya can not return to their country. It keeps you away to the usurpers do not have to confront the masses. The regime knows it is dangerous because his speech was directed to the marginalized sectors.

In that sense, Zelaya called the insurgency should be complied with for what they are when running a coup. The Honduran Constitution empowers the people to revolt against the coup ridiculously argue that although these were what was a "democratic transition".

Washington handled the matter as if it were an arbitration that collide in the rights of the parties. But here there is only one law: that Zelaya has to be replaced because his name comes from the popular will and the Honduran laws.

Micheletti has said this Thursday, according to newspaper El País of Spain, that the proposal to abandon the president received his delegates in a U.S. city, probably Washington, where lobbyists, according to journalist César Hildebrandt, have been making tough measures to win the sympathies of U.S. congressmen and diplomats. Apparently things are going well for them in recent days some members of Capitol Hill said on CNN that "the coup was understandable" because the deposed Honduran president "sought to amend the Constitution to remain in power," not matter because the other query was "not binding" and if it had been reformed Zelaya's mandate would have expired.

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