domingo, 10 de junio de 2007

"Latin America had many European immigrants and we didn't treat them bad"

Youth Action for Decent Work

Youth Action for Decent Work - 66K

Youth Action for Decent Work Peruvian economist meditates around the employment problem in world forum of recommendations for the G8.

Berlin (June01/2007). – Prof. Limberg Chero from Peru spoke on Youth for Action Decent Work Forum that is developed today, and June 2 in Berlin (Germany), emphasizing the importance of fighting against the problems that latin american immigrants live, mainly young, in developed countries, and remembering that Latin America had european immigrants looking for work during beginnings of century XX,. This event will be source of recommendations for the Group of the eight (well-known like G8; and formed by Germany, France, Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Italy, Japan and Russia). Professor Chero participates in this world-wide forum because his work as researcher of economic subjects at Universidad de Piura and his occupation like monitor of the labor market for the labor Program of Development (PLADES) have relevance like young economist from a developing country. During his speech, he described the Peruvian labour economy reality and the efforts around their change, but he impacted that this change will only be effective if should be a global initiative "... for what is important that the G8, that will meet in Heiligendamm, becomes aware that their pronouncements in favor of the decent employment have correspondence with more effective indicators for its control", he indicated.

He also affirmed “...the market logic obeys the reasons that encourage it. And those reasons have in the rent - visible or not in the financial statements - a fundamental incentive so that the logic of the wellfare like election of the goodness decreases to a simple know-how for utilities.” During the debate of recommendations, he presented an order to G8 promotes the financial transparency of its companies with regard to its financial and environmental results in the Latin American region: “we need many things, we will get them ourselves; and we only need them to help us (the G8) promoting a report behavior (of financial results), similar to the one that are demanded in its countries with the headquarters (G8 transnational)”, he said.

In this meeting also participated Mariangels Fortuny, of the ILO, who was pronounced about the importance of their organization in the decent employment topic,"... because it is directly the only committed global institution with this topic", she commented. During the first hours of the event, they also participated Conny Reuter (General Secretary of Solidar), John Monks (General Secretary of the ETUC), Harlem Désir (Vice-president of the Global Progressive Forum), and Joseph Borell (President of the Development Committee and former President of the European Parliament's Economic Commission).

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