lunes, 17 de agosto de 2009

Who is the most powerful man in Peru? Keiko Wale

Who is the peruvian boss? Who does cut the fish in Peru? The best and most traditional survey in Peru is made by Apoyo Institute (a peruvian think tank). The results of this survey show 47% of Peruvians want a new presidential candidate (NO INCUMBENT! ANOTHER CHALLENGERS!). 44% think that the public management of Alan García will be less than that of Alejandro Toledo. Keiko Fujimori would receive 22% of the vote in upcoming elections. 53% is against an alliance between the candidates of "center".

By Cesar Reyna

Almost half of the urban electorate does not feel represented by the current presidential candidates. This is due to the rejection generating political figures such as Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori, the candidates who have better options to pass to the second round in 2011, the disapproval of the first reaches 70% while the congressman is resisted by the 51% of the citizenry.

This result shows that voters do not sympathize with extremists of any kind. Far from being located in the left wing or "ultra" Peruvians are seeking a candidate site (outsider) that prioritizes the fight against poverty and take the baton of social inclusion.

The president's low popularity is explained by the absence of reforms in education, health care, regionalization, modernization of the Armed Forces and Police, etc.. The general feeling is that this government is operated on autopilot and has not been able to manage resources efficiently. For many it leads Garcia easy because you have not taken advantage of the economic boom to reduce the deficit in infrastructure and providing basic services to the neediest. The delay in the execution of spending is its Achilles' heel and improvisation to which we have come (the best example is the launch of Core Implementers).

The approval of the president's popularity Keiko Fujimori maintained in its roof. Garcia receives a 27% and Keiko 22%, two percentage points more than the last poll. The support of both our country paints a fragmented and lacking figures binders.

The rejection of one-party (National Solidarity, PPC, Peru Possible) or style of the late Chilean FREDEMO Mario Vargas Llosa is because people do not think that will work. The eternal right candidate, Lourdes Flores Nano, then proposed the partnership to see that no chance would come to power itself. If your "marriage" with Solidarity National Congress would not have suffered could preach.

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