martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

Who is Keiko Fujimori?

All about young woman of Peru, and how she pay Boston university classes.
Alberto Fujimori's presidential candidate (his daughter KEIKO SOFIA) was not formed precisely in Boston, Massachusetts, but the Secret Intelligence Offices (National Intelligence Service or SIN, yes SIN)in Peru where she spent her adolescence alongside her father Alberto and uncle Vladimiro Montesinos.

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By Cesar Reyna . Exclusive writer.

Nine years after the presentation of the video that led to the fall the "fujimorato" (Fujimori government) we can not forget that in the environments of the disabled National Intelligence Service (SIN) grew Keiko Fujimori. Lived in their facilities and women became much before going to study in the U.S. with state money.

It is worrying that one of the main male former of her teenage was the aide Vladimiro Montesinos Torres, the man who was in charge of bribing opposition lawmakers (crongressmen) in one of the rooms in which Keiko surely played "hide and seek" with his brothers.

The images that have surfaced on TV about what happened in the SIN show the intimacy of Fujimori and Montesinos. The relationship they had with that dark character was very close as it not only took care of his safety, but prepare to be "models" to follow by the Peruvian youth.

The children of the president, foremost among them Keiko, who has assumed the role of young first lady of the nation after the rough separation of their parents, were indoctrinated by Montesinos, who quickly won her trust and affection. Having been raised in some way by this man should give you a bad feeling to any Peruvian plan to vote for the party in orange (The Fujimori`s Party). Because what has happened in the SIN, a few meters from the apartments of the Fujimori could not be ignored by those fraternizing with the subject more base and corrupt in our history.

Although Montesinos was locked in their rooms and all meeting rooms were secrets, the Fujimori´s children saw a series of people who carried bags and suitcases with money like a column of ants. They saw them pass almost daily in the narrow passageways of the seat for the psychosocial and preparing attacks against freedom of expression. The Fujimori, Keiko especially, could not be oblivious to what was happening before their eyes because she did not live in a palace or military bubble. Sensed something or should have known it was highly suspicious that opposition figures came out (like former Congressman Alberto Kuori) with thick envelopes after giving a handshake to Montesinos.

Keiko saw the diversion of millions of tax-dollars into the pockets of his father or others because she was getting hard cash for HER when she visited the palace(!). If she was silented all these years is because she (Keiko) was complicit in the systematic embezzlement of Peruvian Treasury, with which she financed her education and stay in the U.S. (her three brothers also!). And the Boston university said NOTHING!!!

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